Life Coaching for self-confidence, emotional awareness, raising consciousness, life balance, and empowerment.

Emotional Awareness = Allowing yourself to respond, feel, and be aware of what you are experiencing so that you can dismiss the negative emotions and bring the positive forward into tangible feelings.

Life coaching = A partnership between client and coach. It is a journey of exploration for the client and it is self-discovery. It is not Therapy. A good coach is a great listener and will present you with questions and tools that will guide you in your journey of ‘self’ no matter what aspect of your life you are exploring. A coach will never tell you what you should be doing, that is entirely up to you!

Each one of us has the gift of light within, a song to sing and the world is just awaiting to hear you sing it!!! It’s a matter of having the confidence. In the game of life, progress occurs with the lessons we learn. Let’s create something unique in the here and now. Create the life that you want to live. It’s not a competition, it’s learning and allowing yourself to play in harmony with your co-players. It’s the knowing that YOU are enough and that YOU are perfect, abundant, deserving and worthy just as you are right NOW in this very moment. If we are all choosing the Life of our dreams, it will be fulfilled with our soul’s purpose and free of judgement of others and especially ourselves!

Why use a Coach? From Little League to professional sports teams its a well known fact that the experienced, objective help of a professional coach can make all the difference. Breakthroughs are made with a focused team approach of Intention and Attention.

Katina 2016 TKatina F Gillespie is trained, certified, and licensed as a Peace Love Wings, Mind Body Spirit Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator, Project Director at Visionary Insight Press and active volunteer with Women’s Resource Center of Manatee.

Katina’s calling is to be a sought after Life Coach with a focus on life balance and emotional awareness, to assist others in finding their light within and self-confidence. She has found that most of people’s issues and concerns are easily solved through self-awareness. Her desire is to transform others into confident, self-loving individuals that motivate and inspire those around them.

She studied psychology with a focus of neurology and the passion to assist those who have suffered traumatic head injuries. Life led her down an unexpected path of restaurant and hotel management where she developed teams and individuals to create seamless hospitality. This journey has expanded her mind and taken her on many twists, turns, peaks, valleys, much light and unfortunate darkness. It is through that darkness that she has found strength and realized the blessings that surround her. Katina returned to her calling of helping others and created Emotional Harmony and Wellness so that she may encourage others to find their best self and inner wisdom.

A organization raising emotional awareness for business, groups and individuals.